by Kyrest

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    Kyrest released Fractures as an 8 song LP
    through Narshardaa Records on august 30th 2013.

    Recorded and mixed by Moritz (Hysterese) & Momo.
    Mastered by Role @ Die Tonmeisterei Oldenburg.

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Kyrest released Fractures as an 8 song LP
through Narshardaa Records on august 30th 2013.

Recorded and mixed by Moritz (Hysterese) & Momo.
Mastered by Role @ Die Tonmeisterei Oldenburg.


released August 30, 2013




Kyrest Erlangen, Germany

Dark and heavy Hardcore.
Started in 2008, recorded a diy demo in 2009 and brought out a split 12 inch with Ruins from Bielefeld in 2011. Fractures 12 inch out now on Narshardaa Records!!

If you want us to play at your town, just contact us:

We disagree with all forms of oppression and discrimination, like racism, sexism, antisemitism and homophobia.
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Track Name: Glittering nothingness
Through barren land. See your ideals lying in the sand. Abandoned. Forsaken. It’s a pilgrimage to materialistic, glittering, bright shining promises. The journey is the reward. Buying determines consciousness. And its not their fault. Fault?
Track Name: A bridge less
Another bridge caved in. Demolition Inc. Order books flowing over. No one asked the owner. And this owner, this is me. Try to stop it, explain and plead. Or in the end I am cut off. But they refuse and they say their client is me.
Track Name: Different from being different
Focus on you: You like to see yourself in a way, that you appear so unique. Seperated per se. Hallucination pursuits you to be “outsiders”, “rebels”.. I think you are a book with a swollen cover, a title that promises nothing. And all pages empty. With a smile, you enjoy the antipathy and you know what you are. Reactionary views, rearward beliefs, conservative consensus put in a subcultural dress. True difference means constant process. Progressing. Emancipating. From you assholes!
Track Name: Atlas' fear
It‘s not the rain, that hammers on these shattered walls. That hasn’t stopped for days.What keeps me from sleep for hours. And not the flickering lights outside, a morbid poem in the night. Promise hope to the lost ones not to be let down this night. This is a task, that i cant stand. But sometimes nightmares just dont end. It is this weight in my hands, on my neck, inside my head, and it becomes too heavy to bear. Fractures in the spine, sinking knees from on high. No hope for noone. All let down this time.
Track Name: Am Grat
Wann endet diese ungebremste Fahrt auf den Abgrund zu? Nasser Boden und die Bremsen scheinen zu versagen und ihr zeigt keine Reaktion. Im Bilde und doch nicht imstande zu handeln. Dann wird es plötzlich so glatt unter den Füßen. Das hat doch wirklich niemand wissen können. Steilhang. One Way. Alles hergerichtet am Abgrund. Steilhang. One Way. Der Aufprall kommt. Zeit. Nah.
Track Name: Sabotage
The air tastes like iron and the clouds are hanging deep. All the town is sleeping, but I‘m lying awake. Despair is a cold hand, that tightens around my bones. All my blackest nightmares gather in my thoughts. Under this starless sky we enlight our ways ourselves. All the town is burning, and I‘m running with the pack. Rage is the fuel, that‘s driving our engines, a wall of rain will wash away our traces. Target spotted. Going according to plan. „I know you worried about me. And you fear everyday that i‘ll vanish in a hole in the wood. I regret that, but there are some things that have to be done by someone. I hope you understand.“
Track Name: Staring into space
The place where I want to be right now can not be far enough from here. Cut the ropes. Scorch the earth behind me. And leave this town in flames. I will find it in another hemisphere, hold fast to this matter. These narrow walls are not what they seem, I want to never wake up again from this hopeless dream. It may be the same firmament, but it is the other end of it. Rename all the stars and let it go. We are all alone in the end.
Track Name: Fractures
„Try again, fail again, fail better“.* I know the shadow sits on your neck. I know these feet have seen many roads.
And not all of them led to somewhere. Look into the night. It offers you just lies. The answers you must fight out with yourself. Did it all collapsed? Did these fractures cut you down? Or did you grow? Look at me, you‘re not alone. Don‘t let these fractures cut you down.